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Company registration in India

Company Registration acts and laws do not only bring the status of legality but also raise the level of credibility and reliability in the target market. Companies with business laws are always preferred by the target audience where they expect the services with high quality ad best cost. Registered products and services are always be treated with high concern in compare of those unregister services. Thus, not only from law point of view but also from marketing and branding purposes; these company registration services have really proved to be as a bloom for all types of business houses.

What is Private Limited Company Registration?

Private Limited Company is one of the most common types of company registration in India, It is the most widespread and most popular type of corporate legal entity. The registration of Private Limited Company is governed by Companies Act, 2013.

The word "Private Limited" must be added at the end of its name by a Private Limited Company. In Indian, more than 1.5 Million company registration has been done by the MCA. In general, Private Limited Company has more credibility than LLP or OPC

Unique features of the private limited Company Registration are as follows:
  • Limited Liability protection to shareholders
  • Ability to raise equity funds
  • Statues being a separate legal entity
  • Perpetual Existence


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