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Static Web Design

Static Web designs as the word suggests is a kind of website developed knowing that design would remain static. Static websites are more of content and information based sites as compared to dynamic sites. Its development comprises of writing codes in simple HTML and is cost effective which is why they are widely adapted by small businesses. The myth that static websites are better for small businesses has changed as they provide great extended features these days for large businesses to publish information on internet.

Benefits of Static Website :
  • Attractive and Interactive Layouts
  • User Friendly Light Weight Websites, Takes Less Time to Download
  • Informative and Content Rich
  • High Browser Compatibility
  • SEO Friendly
  • High Visibility in Top Search Engines

What makes a great site design?

On the technical side, you need a site that loads fast, has clear call-to-action buttons, and is up to date on the latest technologies. Incorporating these elements will give your site a longer online life.

On the visual side, your site needs aesthetic appeal, effective organization, and navigation that is extremely intuitive. This will ensure that your visitors stay engaged on the site and won’t get frustrated and before they can make a purchase.


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