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Change is the constant phenomena in this world. This formula applies even to the field of information technology. With changing IT, it becomes highly necessary for software people to update themselves every now and then in order to keep themselves alive in the race of excellence. Owing to the increase demand for new strategies in IT, there are various training institutes wide spread all over. Dot net training in Varanasi is one among the course with high public demand and LIVRM INFOTECH is one among the best training destination.

The Flavors of ASP.NET: Web Forms, and Web Pages

ASP.NET offers frameworks for creating web applications: ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET Web Pages. All frameworks are stable and mature, and you can create great web applications with any of them.
Each framework targets a different audience or type of application. Which one you choose depends on a combination of your web development experience, what framework you’re most comfortable with, and which is the best fit for the type of application you’re creating. All three frameworks will be supported, updated, and improved in future releases of ASP.NET.


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